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Who can register?

Are you a PhD, Master or Bachelor student in chemistry, physics or a related discipline? Would you like to gain conference experience at an early stage of your career? Are you interested in energy materials for a sustainable future or perform topic-related research?

We organize INASCON 2022 for YOU! Submit your abstract – significantly less than 1500 characters is perfectly fine as well.

We highly encourage you to apply for a talk or to present a poster. INASCON 2022 is your opportunity to practice how to present your research in an international, scientific and safe space.

You never made a poster before? You don’t know what to put on your poster since you have not started your Master thesis/PhD yet?

Don´t worry. A poster is a starting point for a scientific discussion on the topic of your choice. We are looking forward to your presentation of your bachelor or master thesis, or even a research internship.

Here are some ideas for your poster:

  • Your research motivation
  • Your experimental results/ preliminary(!) data
  • Your proposed research plan for your thesis
  • Your experimental setup
  • Ideas and questions on which you like to get input from your fellow scientists

If you don’t have any research experience because you are still in your bachelor studies, you can still apply by ticking the option “Poster” and writing the following in the Abstract Text box:

I can not present a poster because I am an undergraduate student.
Number of your semesters you studied so far
Short(!) description why you want to go to INASCON

Still worried? Drop us a message ( – we are happy to answer your questions.


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