Now the trip goes to Lian, a local water up in Bymarka

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Supporting each other is very important, and Europeans are not quite good enough at this yet

Remember that James is on Twitter: @sirfrasersays

Talks at high schools may be the only thing that could have beaten INASCON 2018 in getting Sir Fraser to come to Trondheim

undergrad and grad student conferences are preferred over other conferences

He likes to talk to younger scientists

Why did he come to us? - Frederic asked

Interesting talk by the Sir Fraser!


Sir Fraser's advice: Tackle a big problem, and do you own thing

The commentators hope President Trump is following

"Diversity is gold!" (directed towards Donald T, and the prime minister of the UK)

Ok, not quite

Fraser has had more grad students than Trondheim has inhabitants

The Stoddart research group is massive!

He sure has a lot of stuff going on, but I am not sure a kangaroo would be compatible with 330 000 air miles...

Do you think Sir Fraser owns a kangaroo?

He works together with a lot of scientists and has contact with a lot of labs around the world

If you remember his comment during Forsker Frederic's explosion of hydrogen balloons, he told us that Scottish nobel laureates are the only ones that do not explode (of all the nobel laureates)

Sir Fraser is Scottish, if you forgot

bagpipe <3

Start up company 2, Cycladex, is using the new technology to extract gold in a better way than using cyanide

this start-up delivered cosmetics and other products

Sir Fraser has started the company PanaceaNano - it has a partnership deal valued at 100 millions USD

Serendipity was helpful in making a very complex new molecule!

Sir Fraser will probably be remembered for his scientific work as well, seeing that he is one of the most cited chemist in the world

For Sir Fraser, mentorship is very important

serendipity = tilfeldigether (på norsk)

The new polymers developed in Sir Fraser's group have lots of promising abilities.

There are nearly as many speed bumps in Sir Fraser's chemistry as there are in Trondheim

Fun fact: Sir James was one of the first researchers to make extensive use of color in chemistry publications.

One of Sir Frasers Post Docs is trying to make a motorized cargo delivery system for drugs.

It seems as if Sir Fraser has has had some help/assistance as well

Please come with answers to the panel. This is really a once in a lifetime opportunity to ask questions to a nobel lauretee

Sir Fraser has really made a lot of molecular motors in his career! Good thing he restarted his academic path

The fantastic voice of Edith Piaf accompanies the animations of James' motors

Do you think he has made all the animations himself?

Good things might come from the bad things in life

Sir Fraser decided at one point to end his academic career!

Wise words are given from a wise man

Sir James is a scottish-born scientist, as you might hear on his accent. More specifically, he was born in Edinburgh in 1942

The biological engines of our bodies are wonderful indeed!

I must say, he has a lot of motion in his slides. Both videos and animations. Very nice!

The commentators are taking personal notes to revive their twitter accounts

Now he turns to the molecular world, talking about molecular motors, and how they are similiar to the previously mentioned motors

Go on twitter to communicate with the rest of the world, says Sir Fraser

Helen Sherman, the first british astronaut, was James' tutor at sheffield University

The invention of the rocket engines was not a pleasant experience for the British!

The panel encourages the audience to ask questions through the Q&A-portal

Sir Fraser has so far spoken about steam, electrical, internal combustion and diesel engines - now jet engines is the topic

He does not usually ride bicycles

Nobel Laureates and presidents share the perks of having reserved parking spots.

The Beijing - Shanghai high speed train is awesome, says sir Fraser

The technology behind the motors is really old!

The 76 year old scientist has experienced several types of engines in practice, first hand

He starts off talking about engines of the ages, or more specifically the steam engine

Sir Fraser has a nice road map of his speech. Unfortunately for him INASCON forgot to give his host a road map, making him end up in the wrong hotel.

Sir Fraser is paying homage to Fred Kavli, a Norwegian-American philantropist

Beware the orange bow tie and braces is on

Sir James Fraser Stoddart is now giving his talk "Life After a Nobel Prize".

We hope this is relevant for many praticipants

Welcome to the live feed!