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... and vanadium sulfide

He talks about synthesizing and characterizing different carbon hybrid materials

Please welcome Jaehoon Choi for the last oral presentation!

"How is the size distribution of the Au particles and how does that affect the performance of the sensor?"

"You mentioned that the analyte detection is very portable. How do you imagine a device like that and its use?"


...in very small concentrations --> nanoparticles

Her work is mainly about mercury detection in water

The application area is thought to be: food industry, quality control, counter--terrorism and environmental monitoring

Her talk is about "Modified boron doped diamond electrodes for the trace detection of mercury"

Next up is Maeve McLaughlin!

This allows for measurements in the picosecond region and in the nanoscale

To do that, transparent lamellaes of the device is put on a copper wire

His work is related to the testing of spintronic devices

A former student from Nanotechnology program at NTNU

Next up is Einar Digernes!

"How widely do you see this diamond based technology being used?"

"What causes the diagonal stripes in the AFM images?"


She talks about the effect og oxygen on micromasking.

Her presentation is about high Quality Deep Etching og Diamond

Marie-Laure Hicks kicks off this session of PhD presentations

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