We now move on to Dhanik Reshamwala from Finland!

An interesting question from Gaute; the silver-np concentration could potentially be harmful? Lukas tells us that the concentrations are far too low to have any effects on the human body in the negative direction.

He speaks of in-lock-thermography

But now presenting bionanomaterials

Famous for his cheese eating in the opening ceremony

Lukas Steinmetz is on stage!

Diffusion weighted MRI looking at the transport of agents through the extracellular matrix.

The enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) effect is a controversial concept by which molecules of certain sizes (typically liposomes, nanoparticles, and macromolecular drugs) tend to accumulate in tumor tissue much more than they do in normal tissues

Sulheim shows us that the nanoparticles are in contact with the infused cell in a much higher extent. Absolutely incredible!

Utilizing the EPR effect

Sulheim shows us a picture of blood vessels, one picture with a lot more turbulent blood flow.

This makes it more effective, and we have the story of "targeted drug delivery"

The medicine is encapsulated in nanoparticles

Nanomedicine, already on the market.

A review of cancer on the cell level.

He will give a talk related to cancer, a leading cause of death.


Please welcome on stage, Einar Solheim.

Einar Sulheim is now on stage

Questions from the audience for Yizhi.

Important difference there.


Yizhi works at NTNU mechanical lab.

Our first one is Yizhi Zhou speaking about ice-phobicity

We have begun with our last PhD-session.