Lesson three from Wüthrich: Ground research can have many important later applications.

The equation for the time evolution of single transition basis operators look pretty complicated!

Brownian motion is not only translational - it also causes rotational motion

Albert Einstein thought his most important work was on brownian motion

Robert Brown discovered brownian motion. What a coincidence!

Second lesson from Wüthrich: Communicate with the scientific community, and publish your results

Richard Ernst won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for introducing Fourier Transform NMR

Now Wüthrich is talking about NMR in structural biology

A fairy house can make a magnet less scary

Having a field varying in space makes it possible to separate water concentrations in space based on their different signatures

Professor Wüthrich knows the NMR signature of water very well - after studying it for three years

The first physics Nobel Prize for NMR was awarded in 1952.

The radar research done during WWII contributed to the development of NMR

The Zeeman level split is very small - making it both harmless (good) and hard to detect (bad)

Lesson from Wüthrich - be better than your Professor!

Pieter Zeeman was only about 26 years old when he discovered the Zeeman effect!

Cyclosporin is a very valuable drug

Thanks to cyclosporin, transplantation was impossible due to organ rejection.

Wüthrich is apparently still playing football!

NMR can be used both for macroscopic samples and molecules

NMR can be used to understand important membrane proteins - but one needs to find a useful medical application, else on will not receive funding.

Opioids targeting only G-protein could lead to less overuse of prescripted drugs

In 2016, 65 000 people used due to overuse of prescripted drugs

30% of all drugs approved in the US are targeting PCRs

He says science is beautiful in many ways

He is going to talk about science first, and then the history of science

Professor Wüthrich is now on stage!