A very educational and intersting talk!

The MRI-Ultrasound combo is really awesome!

Phoenix solutions produce some bubbles that are ready for clinical trials

Ultrasound seems to have a very good effect!

Or maybe she is just very good at making educational slides

The nanoparticle synthesis used by Sophies group is surprisingly simple

In Trondheim, they use also microbubbles that can be used for therapeutic purposes

Microbubbles can be used for imaging

Ultrasound can be focused, creating a local area with high energies

Ultrasound is very high frequency sound

Delivering nanoparticles is difficult

Nanoparticles are very versatile

90% of cancer-related deaths are due to spread, not the primary tumor

Chemotherapy was discovered in 1947

Cancer treatment pre anasthesia does not seem pleasant!

The first documentet attempt on tumor cancer was already 400 years BC!

One out of three people in Norway get cancer

Cancer is formed by cells that divided in an uncontrolled manner

Her talk will cover cancer and nanotechnology in cancer drug delivery

She was the first speaker invited to INASCON

Please welcome Sofie Snipstad