Thanks to Trygve Jakobsen

One of the goals is to obtain higher water viscosity than oil viscosity

Last before the break is Trygve Jakobsen with Surfactant modified cellulose nanofibrils for enhanced oil recovery

Thanks to Tomas Borukva

Borukva's research is also concerned with removing lead

Next up is Tomas Boruvka: Nanoparticle synthesis of Bi, Ni, Sn and their alloys potentially applicable as lead-free nanosolders

Thanks to Solveig Aamlid

Lead is common in ferroelectric materials. Tetragonal tungsten bronzes are lead free, and might be a viable replacement for lead conataining ferroelectric materials

First up is Solveig Aamlid, with her talk: Cation disordering in tetragonal tungsten bronzes