Question: Why are materials with the perovskite structure so interesting?

Contact Yorick if you want to explore The Netherlands.

Yorick is reviewing the PLD process.

Tall dutch people build their machines for other tall, dutch people.

Computing inspired by synapses.

Making good points for Brain-inspired computation.

Some motivation for unconventional computing.

Yorick is of the opinion that beers costs a lot in Norway.

Yorick is worried about keeping his expensive, Norwegian beer cold.

Yorick will be entertaining us with a lot of images.

Please welcome on stage, INASCON vetera, Yorick Bikhölzer!

This is a known problem for the windows. They're not sure how long they could last. But they're obviously trying to make them last.

Question: The durability of such windows?

There already are such windows in use in USA. And alot of research use. Not much in Norway it seems.

Question: Do you think electrochromic windows will be widely used in new buildings at some point? When?

INtroducing her own work

Electrochromic smart windows are a subset of Controllable smart windows.

Smart Windows, also called Switchable windows.

She is talking about optical thin films for Smart Windows.

Yingpeng Zhen is going to talk to us about "Electrochromic WO_3 This Films Prepared by Sputtering Technology"

Welcome on stage, Yingpeng Zhen!