Trondheim: The next INASCON city

Where will the 12th annual INASCON be hosted, you may be wondering. The answer is of course, as you might already have read a hundred places, Trondheim. But what is so special about Trondheim? Is Norway just a tiny, ice-cold country with polar bears walking the streets? Now, you might actually get the answer.

To assure you, Trondheim, and even Norway in general, does not only have temperatures as low as forty degrees below zero, but usually has temperature up to twenty-five and even thirty degrees in the summer, around August. The best is probably that the sun usually rises at half past four in the morning and sets at ten o’clock in the evening in early August. And of course, there are no polar bears in Norway, except on the island Svalbard.
Trondheim is an urban municipality of Trøndelag county and has an area of 341 square kilometres and has about 193 500 citizens. It was established by Olav Tryggvason in 997 and functioned as Norway’s capital until 1217. The city has been known by several names throughout the times, including Trondhjem and Nidaros.

The city is famous for its cathedral, Nidarosdomen, which is the coronation cathedral of Norway. It is also known for its 25 museums and its beautiful river, Nidelven, which runs from the south to the north of Trondheim onto Trondheimsfjorden.

These days, Trondheim is probably most known for being the Technology capital of Norway. Trondheim’s university, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, was established in 1996. It is the largest university campus in Norway, and its students make about one fifth of the residents in Trondheim. Not to forget, that the halls of NTNU’s main building remind of those at Hogwarts.

Hungry for more? During the conference, you will have the opportunity to see what Trondheim has to offer. More information about trip opportunities and Trondheim’s finest and most exciting attractions will be published in the nearest future. Stay tuned!