How to get around in Trondheim

When arriving a new city, it can be difficult to find your way around. To make it easier for you, we have made an overview on how to get around in Trondheim.

Transport from the airport

Upon arrival at Trondheim Airport Værnes you can travel into the city by bus, train or taxi.

The easiest transport option is to travel by bus. There are two bus services available, Flybussen (purple coaches) and Værnes-ekspressen (grey coaches). They both leave from directly outside the domestic arrivals hall and the bus ride to Trondheim city centre is about 30-40 minutes long. Flybussen offers more frequent service, with departures every 10-15 minutes throughout the day. Tickets can be pre-purchased online or purchased on board for both bus services. Note that a small surcharge will be added for onboard payments. Onboard ticket fares are 150 NOK single/250 NOK return for Flybussen and 160 NOK single/260 NOK return for Værnes-ekspressen. Students can get a discount (valid student ID/proof must be presented to the driver). More information about the bus service can be found here for Flybussen or here for Værnes-ekspressen.

For participants staying at Singsaker Summer Hotel, take either Flybussen or Værnes-ekspressen to Studentersamfundet. The hotel is a 20-minute walk from Studentersamfundet. A suggested walking route is shown below. Another way to get to Singsaker Summer Hotel is to take Flybussen or Værnes-ekspressen to Prinsen kinosenter. From here you can travel with bus 63 to Jonsvannsveien (100 meters from the hotel).

For accommodation at Scandic Hotel Lerkendal, take Flybussen to Lerkendal stadion or Værnes-ekspressen to Scandic Lerkendal. For Trondheim Vandrerhjem (Hostel) the nearest bus stops will be Rosendal for transport by Flybussen or Solsiden for transport by Værnes-ekspressen. The hostel is about a ten-minute walk from both of these stops.

The train service is cheaper than the bus service and takes about 35 minutes from the airport (Trondheim Lufthavn) to Trondheim Central Station (Trondheim S). However, the train services are not as frequent as the buses. Departures and prices can be found here

Transport to conference venue

The best way for travelers to get around in Trondheim is by bus or walking. Singsaker Summer Hotel, Scandic Hotel Lerkendal and other hotels in the city centre are all in walking distance from the conference venue. If you want to get around by bus, you will find bus stops served by the local bus service, AtB, all over town. Information about tickets and fares, as well as bus schedules, can be found here. To buy a bus ticket you can send a message that says “Voksen” to 2027, or you can download the AtB Mobillett app.

Singsaker Summer Hotel is about a 15-minute walk from the conference venue, and suggested walking directions are shown below. If you want to travel by bus, the nearest bus stop is Jonsvannsveien. To get to the conference venue you can travel with bus 63 from Jonsvannsveien to Høgskoleringen, and then bus 5 from Høgskoleringen to Gløshaugen Syd.

For the participants staying at Scandic Hotel Lerkendal, the conference venue will be in a 10-minute walking distance. The nearest bus stop from this hotel is Lerkendal stadion. Other bus stops nearby are Lerkendal gård and Professor Brochs gate. The closest bus stop to Trondheim Vandrerhjem is Weidemannsveien. To get to the conference venue from this hostel you can take bus 63 from Weidemannsveien to Høgskoleringen, and then take bus 5 to Gløshaugen Syd (15 minutes), or walk (30 minutes).

Get around at the conference venue

The conference will be held at NTNU Gløshaugen Campus in the building named Realfagbygget. A map over Gløshaugen can be found here or by downloading the app MazeMap and choosing location NTNU > NTNU i Trondheim > Gløshaugen. Most of the lectures will be held in the auditoriums R1 and R2, as shown below.