What to see, feel and sense in Trondeim

So, what can you visit in Norway? There are plenty of beautiful places, or as we say in Norway; “There are plenty of pearls to visit.” But not the Black Pearl unfortunately.

If you are interested in architecture, you ought to visit Nidarosdomen, which was mentioned in the previous article about Trondheim. This is one of the eldest cathedrals in Norway and was built between 1070 and 1300. Besides church service and guided tours, there are also held concerts and art exhibitions in Nidarosdomen. Just to mention, Aurora held a wonderful and outstanding concert in this lovely coronation cathedral last Autumn. You can see more about Nidarosdomen’s events and opening hours etcetera on https://www.nidarosdomen.no/en/. Nidarosdomen

Other treasures for architecture enthusiasts are the Old Town Bridge, the Tyholt Tower and Kristiansten Fortress. The Town Bride crosses the river, Nidelva, and was built in 1681, only a year before Kristiansten Fortress’ building period started, and was located due to military significance. Thus, the history and architecture of these two attractions are much connected and of each other’s significance. Today the bridge connects the shopping area of Trondheim and Bakklandet, an old, relaxed street occupied with wonderful cafés and restaurants. You cannot drive a car over this bridge, but it’s a bridge for the walking and the biking. You can read more about the fortress on https://www.forsvarsbygg.no/no[...]en-festning/english/.

Bybrua The Tyholt Tower is more modern. It was finished in 1985 and is a platform for television and DAB transmitters. It is Norway’s largest building with it 124 meters. At 74 meters above the ground, you have the opportunity to eat at restaurant. The second floor rotates, so you are able to catch an absolutely amazing and glorious view of Trondheim. Please see https://trondheim.com/tyholt-tower if you want to eat in a rotating tower! But take it ease, you wont get dizzy, its not spinning that fast. Tyholttårnet

If you rather want to go for a hike or outdoor excursion, Ladestien, Munkholmen or Bymarka are three of many options. Ladestien and Bymarka are just a tram trip away from the city centre, with amazing views you are unlikely to forget. Ladestien is a path that runs along the ocean, where there are beaches along its course, while Bymarka is a wooded area with many opportunities for a good hike, and several opportunities for fishing and mountain hiking. If you are interested, you can check out all of your options on https://www.trondheim.com/recreational-areas.

Munkholmen, on the other hand, is an island, so the ferry is your best way there, unless you want to swim, of course. Munkholmen is also known for its military uses as a fort and prison throughout the times but is today one of Trondheim’s most interesting sightseeing attractions. It also contains a beach, so there is no need to leave your swimming suits at home. Check it out; https://www.trondheim.no/munkholmen! Munkholmen

If you are just looking for a good night out, shopping or maybe some exercise, there are also plenty of restaurants, bars, pubs and a mall and training gym at Solsiden, another mall at the Town Square and lots of shops in the streets of the city centre. Here you can also find plentiful of coffeeshops with award-winning baristas and our very own trampoline park. Solsiden

As your can see there are a lot of options and plenty of things to while you’re at INASCON 2018, or if you want to stay a few more days in Norway after the conference. We also recommend you visit Trondheim’s own web site for more interesting attraction and activities you may join at your stay here in Trondheim (https://trondheim.com/attractions). See you in August!

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