Meet the INASCON 2018 team

We have several different groups that together constitute team INASCON2018! Each group works with different fields, and a total of 34 students are working hard to make INASCON 2018 perfect! Each group has been asked who they are, what their tasks are, what the best part of arranging this event is, and what they are looking the most forward to at INASCON 2018. Here are their answers!

Business group

We are five students who are responsible for assisting companies that wish to attend the conference. So far, we have been working on surveying companies that are applying nanotechnology in their products or services, as well as companies that could benefit from nanotechnology. Our job is to make sure interested companies have the opportunity to present themselves and their application of nanotechnology at INASCON. As we are preparing for the conference, we get to see how far the international nanotechnology industry has come, particularly in Europe. It is tremendously inspirational for young nanotechnology students like ourselves to see how our knowledge could have an impact in the development of some truly incredible products. We are hoping to learn even more in the months to come. Being part of an outstanding group of students hosting this year’s INASCON gives us motivation to work even harder. Our efforts are going into creating a conference that will become as exciting as possible for students, faculty, and companies alike. It is phenomenal to see how committed the students are to this conference, making sure INASCON 2018 will be known as the greatest INASCON ever held. Of course, that goal demands a lot from the students. Our promise is to ensure that every company wishing to participate or learn more about INASCON is kept informed of their opportunities to do so. We believe participation from domestic and international companies will benefit everyone attending the conference because nanotechnology is no longer confined to university laboratories. It is shaping companies and industries making the products and services we rely on in our daily lives.

Academic group

academic We in the academics group are the ones responsible for the academical part of the INASCON program. Our task is to fill the conference with content that is academically interesting in a motivating and inspiring way. We put together a scientific profile for the conference, invite speakers, organize Ph.D.-presentations, and do many other tasks. Being in the academics group gives us a unique opportunity to connect with researchers that we otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to contact. A part of our task has also been to find other technical universities around the world, to find both potential speakers and participants to the conference. Seeing all the different technical universities around the world is really cool!  

Social group

SocialThe social group is responsible for the social activities during INASCON. These include dinners, evening plans, entertainment, and activities during breaks. In addition, we organize social events for everyone involved in the planning of INASCON throughout the year. We strive towards creating a social program that will include and appeal to all the participants of the conference, regardless of background. In addition, a successful social program will let the participants get in touch with and inspire each other academically. Being able to contribute to the planning of INASCON 2018 is exciting, challenging and very rewarding. We look forward to continuing our work with the conference and to be a part of the final INASCON in August!

Logistics group

Logistics We, the logistics group, consist of 3 nanotechnology students. Our task is to ensure that the visiting participants have a place to live and eat as well as transportation to academic and social events. Additionally, we are responsible for setting up an overview and complete schedule of the conference, so INASCON 2018 can go as smooth as possible. This requires a close collaboration with the academics group and social group. It is incredibly exciting to arrange a large conference like INASCON. It requires a lot of planning in advance, and we are constantly working to make the conference amazing, while leaving participants with a wonderful experience, more knowledge about nanoscience and nanotechnology, and a new and larger network.

Finance group

financeWe are three nanotechnology students in the finance group, who have the main responsibility for managing budgets, keeping accounts, and seeking sponsorship support from various institutions. Now, in the start-up phase, we have used most of our time to set up a budget while having a close dialog with NTNU NanoLab. It is quite challenging to find a balance because of uncertain revenues. However, this has been very educational! Additionally, we have written sponsor applications and sent them out. The fun part of planning and arranging INASCON might be all the exciting ideas that people come up with during meetings, working with amazing people and all the social activities we do together. We look forward to seeing the results in August and think this is going to be the best INASCON ever!

Web group

The web group is responsible for the development of the webpage for INASCON 2018. We have since the start had interactivity in mind, and it has been our goal to create a flexible tool for information exchange between the different parties attending the conference. Hopefully we have succeeded in this, and we will continue to expand upon the feature set until kick-off in August! We are looking forward to the conference and the opportunities it presents us in forming bonds with people from around the world and learning of the possibilities science may bring us in the future.

Public relations (PR) group

PR group We are five students who are responsible for promoting INASCON on social media. Our responsibilities include making the logo, posters, flyers and other graphic designs, all of which can be found on our webpage. So far, we have also contacted other conferences to inform of our whereabouts and are working on a film to promote our conference. Our job is important, as the number of participants are determined by how far we have reached with our work, and how many nanotechnology students who have seen our posters or other promotion material across the globe. In other words, our goal is to inform students across Europe and beyond. Everyone is always in a good mood when we are working with this conference and we are all excited to see the results of our work in August. We are proud to be working with so many determined students who are doing their very best to keep this conference rolling. Every month, we meet to summarize our accomplishments so far, and every time it is surprising to see how many things we have accomplished in a 30-day period. It really is inspiring to see how our project is folding itself into the conference we wish to see in August. We are really excited to see how new opportunities will unfold during this conference and how students may see these opportunities and use them to create new ideas and get inspired.

The leaders


The role of the leader of INASCON 2018 conference is divided between three students. Simen Ringdahl is in his third year of the Nanotechnology programme and is the chairman of the organising committee. Nicolai Winter-Hjelm is also in his third year and is our contact towards NTNU NanoLab and has worked closely with the schedule of the conference, and Anders Strømberg is in his fifth year and is working with keeping contact with other nanotechnology institutions in Norway. If there is one thing we, the leaders, have in common, it must be our passion towards nanoscience and the wish that other students will feel the same passion. That is why we are working hard to ensure that students all around the world will come to INASCON in Trondheim to see that the small technology shows a big potential.

We cannot wait to kick off the event in August! We wish you all welcome to Trondheim on the 7th of August 2018!