Invited Speaker: Sol Jacobsen

Start date:August 8, 2018 at 14:45

Low-dissipation Spintronics: The information technology future

The digital age is defined by the pervasive impact of information technology, where rapid data processing now underpins nearly every societal institution. The relentless pursuit of greater efficacy led to the revolutionary harnessing of quantum spin within electronic architectures. These new spintronic devices that use both charge and spin are now widely adopted commercially in applications such as hard drives and random access memory. Despite the landmark change in approach, the efficiency of such spintronic circuits based on electron transport is still severely restricted by Joule heating and short decay lengths. This has spurred an international race to engineer conceptually new approaches that will enable low-dissipation spintronics to power energy efficient big data processing. The researchers at the NTNU QuSpin Center of Excellence are taking a lead role in this pursuit, and this presentation will give some insight into the challenges and progress made at the frontier of low-dissipation spintronics.