Speaker: Iain McCulloch

Iain McCulloch is professor of polymer materials at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. He also holds a chair at the department of chemistry at Imperial College. He researches high performance organic semiconductors for use in photovoltaic devices and field effect transistors.

Iain McCulloch received his Ph.D. in polymer chemistry at Strathclyde University in 1989. He then moved away from academia for a while, heading industrial research groups in Hoechst and Merck. While working in the industry, he researched a design of functional polymers for optical, electronic, photovoltaic and bioelectronic applications. In 2007 McCulloch then became a professor at Imperial College. Since then he has, among other things, developed design strategies for electron-accepting semiconductor molecules for use in organic solar cells. His work has led McCulloch to become a widely recognised researcher. According to 2011 Thomson Reuters data, he is the UK's 2nd most cited material chemist.