INASCON 2021 Announcement


INASCON (International Nanoscience Student Conference) is an annual international academic conference about nanoscience. It is organized by students for students, academics, businesses, or anyone interested in nanoscience.

Rumor has it, that the very first INASCON of was held in Denmark 2007 and consisted of a few students who met over a few beers and talked about their shared joy of nanoscience. Since then, INASCON has grown by each year and gained both attention and appreciation all over Europe. The conference encourages students, PhD:s and professors in various fields of nanoscience to share both knowledge and inspiration and form networks over the borders of countries.

In Norway 2018, more than ten professors with research interest in nanoscience partook in the conference, including the 2016 and 2002 Nobel laureates in chemistry, Sir James Fraser Stoddart and Kurt Wüthrich respectively.

In 2019, INASCON went beyond the borders of Europe for the first time and visited Tsinghua University in Beijing, China!

In 2020, INASCON was held in Lund, Sweden.

​This year, 2021, we’re happy to announce that INASCON will be held in Tel Aviv!

The conference consists of:

  • Talks by invited top nanoscience speakers
  • workshops and group activities
  • Talks and poster presentations by the attending students
  • Social activities!

Thanks to its format, the conference offers participants several opportunities, including:

  • Discover potential locations for internships at other universities
  • Meet and network with students from across the world
  • Create contacts with nanotechnology companies for possible internships or jobs

Previous Conferences

  • 2007 The first INASCON was held in Denmark.
  • 2008 The second INASCON was held in Denmark.
  • 2009 The third INASCON was held in Switzerland.
  • 2010 The fourth INASCON was held in the Netherlands.
  • 2011 The fifth INASCON was held in Denmark.
  • 2012 The sixth INASCON was held in Germany.
  • 2013 The seventh INASCON was held in England.
  • 2014 The eighth INASCON was held in Denmark.
  • 2015 The ninth INASCON was held in Switzerland.
  • 2016 The tenth INASCON was held in the Netherlands.
  • 2017 The eleventh INASCON was held in the UK.
  • 2018 The twelfth INASCON was held in Norway.
  • 2019 The thirteenth INASCON was held in China.

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