About INASCON 2023

"Christmas candles – Scanning electron microscopy image of artifact structures on a hot-embossed polymer film", kindly provided by Manuel Kraus, CSEM Center Muttenz

INASCON (International NAnoscience Student CONference) is an annual conference organized by students for students in different parts of the world. From the 22nd to 25th of August 2023, we will be proud to host INASCON in Basel, Switzerland.
The conference draws Bachelor's and Master's students, PhD candidates and faculty from universities across the globe, with more than 100 delegates expected to participate this year. This year’s motto „Make Nano Visible“ aims to include the chemical, physical, biological and medical facettes of nanoscience to not only show how processes on the nanoscale can be made interpretable but also to demonstrate their large-scale effects across disciplines.
Presentations will be given by students, and inspirational keynote speakers and companies will have the opportunity to present their latest, cutting-edge technology. Guest speakers consist of accredited researchers and PhD candidates from an international range of universities. Aside from lectures, the conference will offer other social activities such as a poster session and excursions to create the chance to directly mingle with peer students, researchers and companies operating within the field.

INASCON connects - since 17 years

  • 17th - INASCON 2023 - Basel
  • 16th - INASCON 2022 - Germany
  • 15th - INASCON 2021 - Israel
  • 14th - INASCON 2020 - Sweden
  • 13th - INASCON 2019 - China
  • 12th - INASCON 2018 - Norway
  • 11th - INASCON 2017 - United Kingdom
  • 10th - INASCON 2016 - Netherlands
  • 9th - INASCON 2015 - Switzerland
  • 8th - INASCON 2014 - Denmark
  • 7th - INASCON 2013 - United Kingdom
  • 6th - INASCON 2012 - Germany
  • 5th - INASOCN 2011 - Denmark
  • 4th - INASCON 2010 - Netherlands
  • 3rd - INASCON 2009 - Switzerland
  • 2nd - INASCON 2008 - Denmark
  • 1st - INASCON 2007 - Denmark
  • Keep INASCON going

    INASCON has taken place every year for 17 years now – and we want to keep this streak going in the future!
    This is where we need your help: Should you (and your colleagues) be playing with the idea of hosting the 2025 INASCON, please don't hesitate and just drop us a message. Organizing such an event is as exciting as it is challenging, and careful planning is key! We and the network of former INASCON organizing commitees will be happy to support you along the way.